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Responsive Websites - The Cool Tool

Is your website mobile friendly? Give google a reason to smack your site as it ranks websites on this criteria.

That means, if the site is not optimized for all the screens, you may feel a hard blow in your standings. Horrifying, isn’t it? But hey, don’t panic, we are here. Be it any device or a browser, our adroitness leads your customers to the path of complete satisfaction. All of our development work is mobile responsive covering an entire range of monstrous to small screens.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) responds to the wants of user by altering the layout of website as per the gadget in use. The design modifies according to the competence and size of the equipment. For instance, a phone may show the content in a single column view on the contrary a tab might show it in 3 column view. IFW Web Studio introduced this service retaining client needs in mind of wanting to have mobile versions of their sites – single design each for net-book, htc, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, etc. Since acquiring unique versions is illogical and sacrificing clients while switching between devices is not a choice, the company included this weapon in its artillery - Responsive Web Design and development services.

Responsive website services by IFW Web Studio, includes following services:
  • Designing Responsive Website Layouts
  • Designing Personalized Website Features
  • Designing Unique Artworks & Graphics
  • Creating Database Driven Web Applications
  • Building Mobile Friendly Systems with Advanced Location Integration
  • Developing Unique Presentations/Slide Shows & Social Networking Integration
Responsive Web Design is elementary for growth of ventures as it allows users to access websites with any device. By flinging this service, IFW has expanded its horizon to various giants globally.
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