Email Gateway

We all use Google and its allied services but do you use Google to empower your business or organization? IFW as one of reseller of Google Services like G Suite(formerly known as Google Apps) & Adwords helps you in building your brand position on Google. G Suite from Google provides you tools like official domain email on Google/Gmail server, G Chat, Google drive access and much more. Google Adwords helps in generation of inquiries via online ads.

With a Google email account, you can experience a full IT team behind your small organization. Your business can get all the benefits of the leading web-based email service out there – on a Google platform.

Here are only some of the numerous advantages of being on gmail.

  • Huge storage space
  • Online anywhere access
  • Cheaper and less manpower (only you!) to maintain
  • Synchronisation with Outlook
  • Store Instant Messages (IM) and video conferencing
  • Easy search and organisation
  • Security of data
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